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Welcome to the City of Sarasota's sustainability website!

The City of Sarasota envisions a sustainable future that unites the three pillars of economic development, social equity, and environmental protection through actions that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To achieve this, the City of Sarasota's Sustainability program strives to implement projects, programs, and policies to improve the sustainability of city operations and the community.


The final draft of the City's Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan is available for review and community comments. You can submit your comments, questions, or edits by clicking this link and filling out the form or email Thank you in advance for taking the time to comment on this exciting project. Your input is valued!

Sustainability Announcements

Sarasota Commits to 100 percent renewable energy - The Sarasota City Commission signed a resolution that commits to 100 percent renewable energy community-wide by 2045 and 100 percent for municipal operations by 2035 (with 50% by 2024). Read the full resolution here and check back for upcoming planning meetings!

Sarasota County Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate Program - The City is proud to help spread the word about an exciting new rebate program for businesses, non-profits, and government agencies offered by Sarasota County in an effort to boost the number of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations across the County. The rebate will cover up to half the cost of buying and installing a limited number of new charging stations. There is an information session on Tuesday, January 24th from noon to 1:30pm at the Sarasota County Administration Center at 1660 Ringling Blvd. Click on this link to view the flyer and see more information, including dates for other information sessions. 

Living Seawall: The City of Sarasota is piloting a new, innovative approach to make seawalls more environmentally friendly. Living Seawalls are an emerging field that include hybrid concepts between traditional seawalls and Living Shorelines. Living Seawalls may be considered as one option on a spectrum of shoreline stabilization choices, when living, natural, or mangrove shorelines may not be feasible. The City is installing a Living Seawall at Bayfront Park, in front of O'Leary's shoreline. Mote Marine has agreed to study the Living Seawall pilot for a two year period to assess wave reflection and biodiversity and help the City understand how this new technology is functioning. A Gulf Coast Innovation Challenge grant from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation served as inspiration and start-up funding for this project. Partners from multiple sectors, including Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota Bay Watch, Reefball Foundation, Sarasota Bay Estuary Program, and the Science and Environment Council of Southwest Florida collaborated on the initial innovation grant proposal. 

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan: The City, with guidance from HDR consultants, is working to understand what city-owned assets are vulnerable to climate impacts and how to prepare over time. The planning process includes clarifying local climate projections, assessing and prioritizing the vulnerabilities to city infrastructure, and creating adaptation strategies where needed. This strategic approach is the city's first step in climate resiliency and is meant to serve as a foundation for future community climate work.  To-date the team has created an Interim Vulnerability Report and a Technical Report which outlines climate projections for the City of Sarasota. Click on this link for a one-page summary of local climate projections that have been approved by City Commission in this planning process.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Results: The City of Sarasota recently completed a community-wide Greenhouse Gas Inventory and there's good news! In 2015, there has been an overall 22% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to 2003. The greenhouse gas emission sources included in this study came from the  purchased electricity in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, vehicle miles traveled on city-wide roads, water and wastewater processes, and solid waste. Click here to read the technical report or here to read the executive summary. 

The City also completed an internal greenhouse gas inventory which measured emissions from all city buildings and facilities, streetlighting, water and wastewater treatment processes, vehicle fleet, and employee commute. Emissions per employee have decreased 19% since 2003. For more information and to reach the full report click HERE or check out the executive summary of results HERE.

City of Sarasota is a Green Business Partner! - The City is a new member of the Green Business Partnership, a collaborative effort of over 200 local businesses, non-profits, and governmental institutions committed to resource conservation and sustainability. The program is open to all business in Sarasota County that demonstrate environmental awareness in their business practices. For more information visit the program's website

Tree Protection Ordinance-Protecting and enhancing our city's green space is a top city priority - if you see any illegal tree removal activity please call 941-365-2200. The City recently updated our tree protection ordinance. Click here to view the new changes and for more information on tree permits!


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