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June 2013
Elizabeth Trejo
Public Works

Elizabeth Trejo Employee of the Month June 2013

Liz was presented and honored before the City Commission on Monday, July 1, 2013

Elizabeth Trejo, Public Works, has been with the City of Sarasota’s Landscape Division since May 2007. In that time she has proven to be a dedicated and standout employee of the City. She is a very productive and industrious person. For example, many months ago on John Ringling Causeway, she finished pruning one side of the bridge at 1:45 pm. Instead of packing up and heading back to 12th Street to end her shift, she wanted the area to look complete and therefore continued on the other side. Liz demonstrated the same productivity while working on the US 41 medians project.

Daily, Liz takes great pride in her work. She has a great deal of horticultural knowledge. Thus, she rarely needs to ask for assistance to complete her tasks. Safety is an essential standard in the Public Works Department. With that said, Liz takes extra precaution each day to be sure that she and her co-workers will be able to tackle the landscaping jobs without an accident or incident. Along with all these outstanding attributes, she is also an excellent team player who works well with all of her team members.

In the north end of the City, especially at the Robert L. Taylor Center, Liz is mindful to clean up the landscaped areas and show off all new plantings. RLT is visited by many community members daily and she wants to have the facility presentable and welcoming. Recently, she assisted in taking down two large eucalyptus trees in David Cohen Park. She also participated in a large oak removal project at Fredd Atkins Park.

Within the last few years, the landscape crew has been reduced due to budgetary shortfalls from the downturned economy. Many areas in the City that were given special attention in the past were starting to show the effects of these cuts. She has taken on additional tree maintenance that would otherwise be done by outsourcing. This, in itself, was a great example of savings in management time, response time and funding by the City.

A conscientious employee, Liz also maintains several of our City parks. She coordinated with Rob Beckwith to improve the landscaping near Galvin Park. Residents in the area constantly comment on how well the grounds look and what a great job she does. Congratulations!

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